Writing on my Bike

My name is Josh Reynolds and I have been thinking about biking across America for a couple of years now.  When the time came that this trip became a reality and I began to plan it, I wanted to incorporate two things.

First, I wanted to share the adventure with others, which is why I started this site.  I plan to share this experience with you using the age-old tradition of story-telling and the new technology of HD photos and videos.

Secondly, and certainly more importantly, I wanted to help others.  I wanted to use the trip to raise money for a worthy cause and that is why I have decided to partner with the Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society.

I hope that after visiting this site you decide to follow along and experience the exciting highs and frequent lows of biking unassisted across America.  I absolutely urge you to donate and help me to raise money for the National MS Society.  Your donations will go directly towards providing more resources to those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and will get us closer to living in a world free from MS.

To donate, go to my donation page by clicking here.

Thank you so much for visiting the site and thank you to everyone who donates to the National MS Society.

2 thoughts on “Writing on my Bike

  1. Hey,

    I saw that in your pictures you rode from Concord NH to Concord MA. This coming weekend I was thinking about riding from Concord MA to Concord NH and was looking for routes. How did you find your route between the two? Looks like you rode along a bike bath as well? Thanks for any information you could provide. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Brent, thanks for checking out the site. I made my own route for the Concord to Concord ride. The bike path that I took into Concord(MA) is the Robert Freeman Trail and I would definitely recommend it. Shoot me an email tomorrow and I’ll send you some info on the route that I used. writingonmybike@gmail.com

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